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Just a week ago, we revealed a big secret. We presented you the first watch made using racetrack asphalt. Since the reactions of our community have exceeded all expectations, we want to share another secret with you as a thank you.

The secret of quality.

Every day, we receive messages from customers who want to know exact details about our manufacturer and our movement. This is completely normal, because COBLOR is a young company and has yet to establish itself on the market. Among other things, many want to know the following: What movement is built in the watch? Who produces this movement? Did we use a mass production movement from ETA or Sellita? Why does the watch cost over 6,000 EUR? We have answers to all these questions.

The renowned manufacturer CONCEPTO.

If you enter the word “Concepto” in the search function of the esteemed online watch magazine Monochrom, you will be amazed. Just last week, the thinnest mechanical watch in the world was announced. Co-developed by CONCEPTO.

It was not chance but faith in this unique project that led our founder Nikolaos Radis to the premises of CONCEPTO in La Chaux-de-Fonds on 30 September 2021. At that moment, Nikolaos had no idea what an elite place he had actually encountered or what companies this great manufacture had been working for over the last twenty years! With a prototype and a presentation in his suitcase, all that Nikolaos wanted was to find someone who could master the challenge of the First Asphalt Watch in a high-quality way—preferably before big brands discovered this idea.

The big wait.

After he did the presentation to the bosses, the big wait started. Will COBLOR make it into the inner circle of high watchmaking art, or does the project not have what it takes? A rejection would probably mean the failure of this project. A good three weeks later, the good news reached us from Guillaume Tripet, Project Manager at CONCEPTO.

COBLOR makes it into the CONCEPTO family.

After the concept of the asphalt watch was intensively checked, COBLOR made it into the small circle of the CONCEPTO family. The decisive factor for inclusion was the uniqueness of the project, but CONCEPTO was also intrigued by the challenge of working with this new material inside a watch.

The way was paved for the World’s First Asphalt Watch, and our product has been in the best hands ever since. In the hands of the CONCEPTO Watch Factory SA, one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world. The unique top quality of the Asphalt Watch is assured.

Our calibre. The COB.01.

CONCEPTO has manufactured its own calibre for COBLOR. Our COB.01. movement was produced 100% in La Chaux-de Fonds and in the highest Swiss chronometer quality. It would have been simpler and more cost-effective to fall back on a common, mass-produced product, such as the Valjoux movement. However, it was important to us that the World’s First Asphalt Watch be powered by a special watch movement. This is how the COB.01. came to be created by CONCEPTO for COBLOR.

One more thing you should know: COBLOR did not want to leave anything by chance and has taken the difficult path with a lot of passion. Using materials such as titanium, ceramic, sapphire, natural rubber and asphalt, the NÜRBURGRING ASPHALT 1 has managed to reach the quality level of the most exclusive brands in the world. Thanks to CONCEPTO. See for yourself!

We hope this has offered you some assurance regarding the quality of our watch. Nevertheless, we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Best regards.

Your COBLOR team.

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