The asphalt watch with original racetrack asphalt



Limited to 500 pieces. Soon available in pre-order.
The special thing about a watch is to be one of the few who owns it. The world’s first asphalt watch will therefore be available in a limited edition. Each of the two models will be produced only 500 times worldwide. You can pre-order the watch exclusively online via our website. As soon as the pre-order is possible, we will activate this function here on our website. This will happen very soon. To stay up to date, we recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter here.

World premiere. No compromises.
Never before has there been the opportunity to wear almost 100 years of motorsport history on your wrist.  This is a world premiere. To do justice to this special piece of asphalt, we have not compromised on quality. We will use the best materials currently available, such as titanium, sapphire, ceramic, natural rubber and carbon for our production in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Own automatic manufacture caliber.
What the engine is to the car, the movement is to the watch. Here we also have taken the difficult path in the interest of quality. COBLOR has its own manufacture caliber. Every single element “in the heart” of the watch, will be produced exclusively for the COBLOR movement.

A unique product, needs unique decisions.
Whether it’s the materials, the movement or the choice of partners. We have made every decision so that we bring a unique product to the market. Because quality is above all.

Dials. Packing. Bracelet. Sustainability.
We take the issue of sustainability and environmental protection seriously. It starts with our dials. The original racetrack asphalt is 100% reused. Every opportunity to protect the environment with our product has been taken. The watch packaging is made from recycled hard cardboard. Our partner from the Filstal in Germany, develops and produces exceptional packaging from paper. For the material of the bracelets we will use natural rubber. With the natural rubber can be produced high quality and durable products.

World’s first asphalt watch

100 years of racing history meet 100% Swiss watchmaking artistry

The watch



The world’s first dial made of asphalt. Original Nürburgring asphalt was taken during restoration work on November 18, 2021, and processed as a dial using a highly complex process.

Width: 1.1 mm
HANDS: SWISS Super-LumiNova® BGW9



COBLOR had its own automatic manufacture calibre produced in Switzerland. Every single element in the movement was made exclusively for the COBLOR movement.

MECHANISM: Automatic manufacture caliber
TYPE: Bicompax-Chronograph
ORIGIN: 100% Switzerland



GLASS: Sapphire
BEZEL: Ceramic
CROWN: Screwed
CASE BACK: Sapphire crystal with a view on the movement



MATERIAL: Nature rubber, steel and leather

More optical details about the watch you will get soon. Be curious!

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