Asphalt 1



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COBLOR presented our Asphalt watch concept to CONCEPTO in September 2021. The project was intensively reviewed before we made it into the elite CONCEPTO family. This paved the way for the World's First Asphalt Watch, and our product has been in excellent hands ever since. At the CONCEPTO Watch Factory SA, the unique top quality of the Asphalt watch is guaranteed.

Our own manufacture calibre, the COB.01., was produced 100% in Switzerland and in the highest Swiss chronometer quality available by CONCEPTO for COBLOR. It would have been easier to use a mass product such as the Valjoux movement. However, it was important to us, that the World's First Asphalt Watch should be powered by a special watch movement. This is how the COB.01 came into life.

The NÜRBURGRING ASPHALT 1 model is limited to 500 pieces per colour version (Titanium Black and Titanium Pure).

The highly sought-after 001/500 model will be auctioned off to benefit the flood victims of Ahrweiler.

The NÜRBURGRING ASPHALT 1 is the World's First Asphalt Watch, and it has been intentionally designed and developed to become a special collector's item.

Each watch gets an asphalt authenticity certificate from MAKADAM LABOR SCHWABEN from Sindelfingen, near Stuttgart. Our product is also an officially licensed product of the Nürburgring GmbH.

The delivery of our watches is set between 15 and 25 November 2022. There is a 14-day right of cancellation for no reason after receiving the product.

The watch production in Switzerland is booming, as a result of which production and supply chains have stagnated in recent months. Never before has Switzerland exported so many watches as in 2021, and the trend is upwards. We promise to do everything we can to ensure that your watch will be delivered on time.