Our Partners

Together we write COBLOR history



An extraordinary idea, needs extraordinary people.
We would like to thank all our partners who accompany us every day with enthusiasm, drive, industry-specific knowledge, outstanding support, team spirit and humanity. We making history together.

The asphalt specialists

Sindelfingen, Germany

With a highly complex, technical development of our dials, the MAKADAMLABOR under the direction of Sven Gohl and Srdjan Ristivojevic, has refined the process of the dial production. Each dial is precisely handcrafted to become a one-of-a-kind piece. MAKADAMLABOR has extensive knowledge of asphalt technology and corresponding know-how in the area of quality assurance.

Exclusive Racetrack Partner

Jarno Zaffelli

DROMO Engineering Architecture and Landscape, Reggio Emilia, Italy

Jarno Zaffelli founded his engineering company Dromo in Italy in 2000. Dromo develops upgrades for many of Formula 1’s most famous circuits: Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Imola, Monza, Singapore, Paul Ricard, but also Zandvoort, Abu Dhabi, Portimao and Mugello, to name just a few. In collaboration with a team of the world’s best asphalt specialists, petrologists and geologists, Dromo is constantly researching new materials to improve the science behind grip, the interaction between the racing tire and the track surface. As a result, Dromo is one of the most renowned track design and engineering companies in the world of Formula 1 and MotoGp asphalt.

Since the creation of the FIA IWG (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile Industry Working Group), Dromo has been a member of this working group, providing expert advice on asphalt guidelines for motorsport tracks.

In December 2021, Jarno Zaffelli received a special award for the innovative design of Zandvoort, where Max Verstappen crossed the finish line through extreme banking that does not exist on modern Formula 1 circuits.

Jarno Zaffelli also has a great passion for mechanical watches. The challenge of applying a race track with all its characteristics to a mechanical watch, has attracted and excited him from the first second. COBLOR is looking forward to realizing the upcoming projects with Dromo as exclusive race track partner.

Swiss watchmaking

Georgios Kalapotharakos

Watch Instructor at WOSTEP in Neuchâtel
Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program

Georgios Kalapotharakos learned the art of watchmaking from scratch and studied at WOSTEP School in Neuchâtel. Georgios has the flair to give each watch an individual, exceptional, technical character. This is demonstrated by his first class professional career in the international watch industry. He has worked for renowned watch brands in Switzerland, Ireland and Dubai.

The combination of traditional watchmaking, technical attention to detail, design, trends and sustainability, distinguishes his great knowledge and watchmaking skills. He has a wealth of experience over many years, especially in the Swiss watch industry. We are very happy to have Georgios with his many years of experience to support us. Georgios Kalapotharakos now teaches at the WOSTEP School in Neuchâtel and passes on his watchmaking knowledge.