Do you have questions?

The main answers

Yes, the watch will be available for order exclusively and only through our website.

On 18.11.2021 the almost 100-year-old original asphalt was taken from the Nordschleife at the Nürburgring.

Each watch comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The beginning is planned for March 2022.

We attach great importance to the highest Swiss made watch quality.
The watch will cost between Euro 5.000,- to Euro 6.000,-.

There will be two models.

Case in titanium, case in titanium black.

There will be only 500 pieces of each model worldwide.

You can choose your desired number from No.1 to No. 500 per model.

You have to be quick, because each number will be assigned only once.

Yes, contact us if you want to reserve your desired number already at this time. To contact us, use the chat bot (down right on the screen) or send us an email at It is also possible to view pictures.

We will go into production from around the middle of May.

After production start you can wear your watch on your wrist after 5-7 weeks.

Yes, together with our business partners we are already in the planning phase with further race tracks.