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Series production has started. With a small delay, we have received our ten prototypes and have tested them down to the smallest detail in terms of function and design. Various tests regarding shock resistance and water resistance (see photo below) are only a small part of the big test. Even though our prototypes already show amazing accuracy (85%) to the final product, there is always something to optimize. As is well known, the last optimization measures until the product is perfect are the most difficult step.

Both at events at the Nürburgring and at the Solitude Revival, we have received terrific feedback on the prototypes of the NÜRBURGRING ASPHALT 1. We are very happy about this!

What did we optimize?

1. the edges of the ceramic bezel were a bit too sharp, which also has to do with the height of the profile. We will defuse the edges a bit and make the profile a bit lower if necessary.

2. we defined and optimized the surface treatment. The so-called “finishing” is one of the most important working processes in the production of high-quality watches. Whether brushed or polished, each area gets its special treatment to get a homogeneous play of light and shadow. This is necessary for the whole case but also for every single part inside the movement.

3. the front side (lateral frontal) of the curbs was white throughout. These are now colored in the respective colors frontally as well.

4. we have not yet received a natural rubber strap for the prototypes. To ensure a perfect strap fit to the case, the sample strap (hard plastic) was re-sized and refined to micrometer accuracy. Now nothing stands in the way of tooling for the rubber strap.

5. the surface of the logo elements on the dial has become very shiny. These will now be matted to avoid reflection.

6. originally we wanted to decorate the front of the crown with a sapphire glass. Despite anti-reflective coating, we assume unnecessary reflections here as well. Several local customers have found it better to skip the glass pane and just display the profiled logo. We will follow this advice.

7. the surface of the crown will be completely sandblasted. This will improve the haptics when turning. In addition, the case opening will be widened by 0.4 mm to give the crown more space.

From September we will open our showroom

At this point also a small update on our showroom. We will open our showroom in Leonberg (near Stuttgart) in mid-September and are looking forward to welcoming everyone on site. We will communicate more details in time via our newsletter.


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