Finally it is here!

Prototype No.1 and delivery.

The first dial with original Nürburgring asphalt was installed in the prototype No.1.

Finally, the time has come. The prototype is here!
After almost three years of preparation, we have been holding the first prototype in our hands since the 23 June and one thing is clear: we are thrilled! Together with our project manager Guillaume Tripet from the Concepto Manufacture in Switzerland, we are currently taking a close look at prototype no. 1. In that process, the function and workmanship of the watch are being tested with the highest standards of precision and down to the smallest detail. Micrometer precision. In order to avoid any surprises in the upcoming series production, it was incredibly important to us to use the original and historic asphalt from the Nürburgring on the dial already in this phase. On 7 July, we expect the first 10 watches (5 each in titanium black and pure) to be produced from the pilot series (the last stage before series production).
The delivery will be a little delayed.
Our greatest wish would be to ship the first watches as planned by the end of July at the latest. However, we unfortunately received the first prototype about 6 weeks later. One of the reasons for the delay was the “overloaded” watchmaking industry in Switzerland, which complicates the necessary optimisation phases during product development extremely. Just one example: If we were to arrange for the production of a prototype today, we would have to count on a delivery time of about 9-12 months. So much for Switzerland. Add to this the generally tense situation around the globe.
Under these circumstances, the delivery of the first product series will be delayed by about 1.5 to 2 months, so that we have been assured a final delivery for mid/end of September. However, in order to be 100% sure, we would like to plan an additional time buffer of three weeks in advance and will do everything to avoid having to use this buffer.
We would like to apologise sincerely for the delay and ask from the bottom of our hearts for everyone’s understanding! We know how much our customers around the world are looking forward to this special watch. We too can hardly wait. What we can promise at this point: The NÜRBURGRING ASPHALT 1 will be unique!

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