From pole position with a super start, we “fly” through the world of social media since January 3. Our stops – WorldWideWeb, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. With vision we have straight firmly the focus on our goal – also in a few weeks to present our watch to the world.
Great feedback reaches us every day. We feel enthusiasm, curiosity, excitement and people’s anticipation. We also feel what such a piece of original racetrack asphalt from the Nürburgring triggers in the numerous fans worldwide. There have actually been inquiries as to whether we would offer our asphalt cores for sale. The Nürburgring myth is alive! We are happy! Our community will continue to grow over the next few weeks and with all our tasks, we grow right along with it. Currently we have a permanent phone line with Switzerland. The production of the prototypes is in full progress and every element is discussed down to the smallest detail. It is a lot of fun to see the NÜRBURGRING ASPHALT 1 growing every day. We can’t wait to wear our prototypes on our wrists very soon. Translated with (free version)

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